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Today we want to look at encouraging you to do what you love, we want you to think about all the things you enjoy and to look at incorporating it into your daily life. Here are a few pointers to get you going!

Making a change and step toward what you love 

Okay wooooah let’s pump the breaks and be clear before we start! 🤣 Try and be strategic to get this dream going. Read this blog to help but please don’t quit your salaried job and leave yourself stuck with no money as it’s takes money to make money! 😉

Okay back to the regular scheduled programme. When Sunday rolls around and you feel that nasty ass grumble in your tummy , not from the roast you just had but the idea of going to work.... well you’re in the wrong job. If it’s causing you some issues thinking about your daily tasks and the work you need to do, then you need to seek something that makes you crave doing what you do.
Not every job you have you’ll feel like it’s rainbows 🌈 and butterflies 🦋  but I reckon you need to love at least 80% the 20% should be the mundane stuff you don’t wanna do but have to, to keep it all ticking over. 
If you are in a job you dislike think of all the reasons why you need to make the change.  Then look at the reasons your change would be good for you. 
I have also done this in the past before I decided to take a job. 

Turning your dream into a reality 

When you have decided what it is that sparks your interest and makes you smile, research it. Use the money from the job you will leave to fund any products or items you need to get you started. 

Positivity& Mentors 

Research! Research! Research! - this will always be the key to getting ahead of the competition.

Work hard to understand your market and become a valued member in that space. Read blogs, watch videos and seek out mentors (network events, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) and people to help you realise the potential of you dream. 
Keep building each day but don’t rush it. Always ask for feedback when you can. It’s always good to gain perspective from others, the best ideas won’t always come from you. 

Keep track 

When on the path to success, think of a way to better yourself and the dream you are pursuing. Write down how far you’ve come and where you’re headed, refer back to what you wrote initially and decide what your next steps are now and in the future.

Rest & Praise

Since I have become self employed I rarely take time to rest and this is a poor work ethic just as much as not working at all. Therefore choose a day where you don’t work and do nothing. Don't keep battling through otherwise you won't see the wood for the trees 🌲. Look after your mental well-being by staying focused but eating and drinking well. 
Allow yourself some time to breathe and recoup. 
Stay focused and you will get there. The only thing that could stop you , is you ( it sounds corny but to sooooo true!)  So don’t hold yourself back from the life and dreams you really want to live. It’s out there waiting for you to go get it! 

Email us your stories on how you secured your dream job and we can publish them here, the best one will receive a FREE sos item of your choice. Keep an eye out on socials for updates! 


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