How Supportive

Support from a friend or relative? Hmm..... Well I can honestly say I have been on both sides of the fence, where some are happy for my success and the support comes in abundance. I have also experienced the negative side of that where help and congratulations are thin on the ground and the horrid unnecessary comments come in thick and fast. 

Supporting one another is a good thing to do. All too often we don’t raise each other high enough, instead we criticise and even watch a fall from a rise. 

If you wish happiness on someone else’s success only good can come from it You’re bouncing back good energy your way!

It’s like when you think positive and good things happen, well the same can be said for sending genuine positivity to others. 

If your friend or relative has just ventured into a new phase in their life and is struggling or doing well, help!  Ask how to be involved  and listen. Share their triumphs on your social media, sing for their successes. Find out a way to help promote what they do.

Equally, if they are struggling ask how you can help. Do without asking and surprise them. Always do your best to help someone see the light in their tunnel.

Ultimately try and get them to be where they want to be selflessly. Don’t watch from the sidelines. 

Support and strength come in numbers, make up that number. For a woman is as strong as the army of women behind her, supporting her and telling her she can do it when she thinks she can’t.  

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