Manifestations of a Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Manifestations of a self fulfilling prophecy. If you think of yourself as being “fat,” “too skinny,” “not enough booty,” or “too much booty,” (gurrrl you crazy!)  those thoughts manifest themselves into actions, thoughts and behaviours. You think fat so you see it. Don’t get me wrong you can’t think yourself into a new damn body but you can start to change what you think about the way you look and how you feel.
So when you look in the mirror and think negatively, don’t sit in that feeling. It’s pointless. Think of ways to improve yourself and try to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones or actually not just positive, action thoughts.

I have been filming a fitness regime for my friend’s company called “find your fierce” and since the (dirty word coming up) lockdown, I have been super lazy and I fell into a spiral of working every stinking hour (I’m still working on that part), without exercising not eating right and constantly snacking. Those Thai sweet chilli crisps got me messed up! 🤣

I’m not really the kind of woman to look in the mirror and beat myself up because  I think if you don’t like it then we’ll, that’s your problem.
I did however think damn okay you look heavier and I felt uncomfortable. I also had an Unwelcome comment that I could “lose a few pounds” which made me feel crap .... I’m not sure if this is just a me thing, not sure about you but when I get into the mode of feeling awful I turn that into a shrug and press no hit the  SELF- DESTRUCT Button. So I ate, double the amount of oven chips that day! So all those elaments never really spun me into action but I knew I was filming “find your fierce” and I wanted to be camera ready. The programme is about female empowerment so I knew I didn’t have to go on camera looking like Beyoncé’s twin! However I still wanted to make an effort. I know how much it means to my friend and the whole concept made me fall in love with it, so those factors were drivers. I told myself after the first day to concentrate on the exercises and pick the ones I could emulate at home. So I did. I tried not to beat myself up I didn’t do myself dirty I worked into action.

So far I have been working out EVERY DAY lost a few lbs and I’m feeling good, I have actually changed my eating habits (BIG step for me)  and I’m slowly getting back to my hour long exercise sessions. (I used to do 2 hours but I have a young son and he regularly comes in, when I’m working out and asks for grapes.)

So I guess what I’m trying to say (badly) is.. don’t go into to beat up mode. Make it make sense and turn the negativity into action, so for every negative thought 💭 turn it into something you can do to work on , changing the thought process and set plans and goals. Don’t let the negative thoughts rise to the surface and manifest into a daily attack on yourself. Be realistic and for every negative thought make it an action one!

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