How to clean your makeup brushes

Using your makeup brushes, regularly causes a build up of products, which can result in a transfer of bacteria on your skin. In order to avoid this, you should wash your brushes at least once every 3 days. Foundation and concealer brushes should be at the top of your list to clean because we use them often and they are used directly on our face. Eyeshadow brushes can be left a little longer to be washed at around twice a month. 

How can I clean my brushes effectively ? 

1.Wet the bristles with warm water 

2. Lather up with your gentle soap of choice

3. Rinse throughly with your fingertips 

4. Squeeze our the excess moisture with a clean towel 

5. Re-shape the brushes so they retain their original shape

6. Let you brushes dry hanging upside down, or off the edge of a sink but not flat on a towel to avoid mildew build up. 

When brushes fray and lose their shape, it’s time to throw them away and buy a new set!

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