Cucumber 🥒 Skincare

While at home why not try a few homemade skincare routines.

Please do a patch test before you begin using any products. 

Cucumber has been tried and tested on eyes and it’s so refreshing. It has been known to remove dark circles, with continued use. However a lot of people don’t stretch this routine far enough, try using this fridge gem on your whole face too! Cucumber not only helps with blemishes and acne prone skin, there’s more...  here are a few other benefits to using cucumber;

*Reduces Puffiness and swelling, studies have shown chilled cucumber has a calming effect on the skin 

*Balances out oily prone skin , relieving clogged pores in turn helping to reduce breakouts

*Cucumber Soothes irritation as it is a natural anti-inflammatory to reduce redness. 

* Good source of hydration - cucumbers are 96% water mix with other natural products such as homer or aloe Vera to hydrate and soothe your skin. 

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