How to recreate The Noughty 90s

Makeup trends come and go from Twiggy’s iconic eyelashes that made the 60s sit up and stare, to every look exhibited by Aaliyah Houghton in every video. 
Some 90s can be easily translated from then to now, timeless looks that will keep you looking on trend no matter what. Here’s a few stars that rocked the 90s effortlessly and the items we sell to help you recreate the looks. 

Blue Eyeshadow  

What a look! Blue eyeshadow was a staple in the 90’s,  Follow J. Lo's lead and use a darker blue on the outer corner and work towards a lighter hue in the inner corner and even on the lower lash line. Check out our pigments we have a variety of cruelty free, blues. 

 Frosted Lips 
'90s makeup was all about the frosted lips. Not only did the 1990s house several frosted beauty trends—hair and eyelids included—but the disco ball lips top the list. For a modern take on the pearlescent style, look for a lipstick in a warm-neutral or bronze shade like Rihanna wears, here, to for a less artificial feel. Check out our amazing Noughty 90’s Lip tints.
Pastel Pigments 
As a change from neutral hues, celebs wore pastels all over the lid—from the lash line to just below the brow. When it comes to a pastels like lilac, just a swipe of mascara is needed to complete the eye, without overpowering the light, airy hue.

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