Tips on how to avoid losing your makeup to your mask


Wearing a face mask has become the new norm and not only does it make me hyperventilate the minute I put it on, when I take it off I lose half my foundation and my face is printed on the Inside of mask 😷.Much like our blog story ‘Don’t lose face’😂😂

So here are some tips you can follow to help avoid this mishap; 

1.Use a primer.

One of the main reasons for makeup transfer into a mask are the natural oils that are released from the skin while being covered, they release and mix with the air from your breath causing an unhealthy mixture. So using a balanced primer, will help to avoid build up and of oil and essentially steam from your breath. 

2. Keep it matte. Applying a powder over your skin will avoid the extra oil build up. Liquid foundation is a moisture so switching to powder can help to matte the skin and keep a natural glow/base.

3.Once finished use a setting spray, again one that keeps your skin balanced from oils 

4.If you decide not to use your foundation at all and want to go for a more fresh look, then focus on the eyes and brows,

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