Top Tips for using your SOS lip scrub effectively

Lip scrubs are the best and easiest way to achieve a smooth canvas for applying lipgloss, lip balms and lip tints. Here are a few tips to follow when using our, cruelty free, vegan lip scrub. 


1. Don’t Over-Exfoliate.It is not recommended to use a lip scrub more than 3 times a week because over-exfoliating your lips can leave them raw and sensitive and can even cause bleeding. The purpose of scrubbing your lips is to get rid of the dead skin, hence you need to leave a window of a day or two for the skin to regenerate. Gently scrub your lips every alternate day to keep them soft, plump and supple.

2. Store the scrub correctly  our lip scrubs may be safe enough to eat but not keep them beyond their shelf life. Our lip scrubs do not contain any preservatives which is what makes them vegan and usually stay good for a maximum of two - three weeks if stored in a refrigerator.

3.Rub softly When using the lip scrub don’t be too vigours when you apply it, I have done that in the past and it feel sore after so be careful not to do it too hard. A soft circular motion of 

4.Use an exfoliating lip brush  Lip brushes are incredibly amazing and we sell them, here
They are really useful instead of using your finger, if not for the hygiene alone.
They also help to get the right coverage without being too harsh. You can drop a tiny bit of our sos carrier oil to make sure it sticks.

5.After use always follow up with a moisturising lip balm or lipgloss to immediately benefit from the moisture sinking into the skin 

6.Stick to a lip scrub schedule. Pick a time of day—either morning or evening—and a day of the week to exfoliate your lips. By setting aside designated time, you’re less likely to forget to do it.



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