What’s really in your makeup?

When it comes to your skin you want to get it right. It can be hard to know what’s good and what’s bad in your makeup, so we are here to help.
It is hard to know where to start and even what the bad stuff actually is, you might think you know but knowing the names, of certain ingredients isn’t always as accessible as one might think. 

Get to know the details, even when you have brand loyalty, brands change ingredients and they can do this as and when they choose, so be aware and ensure you have knowledge on what is going on before you apply anything to that beautiful skin that you’re in!  

Here at SOS HQ we value our customers so we have complied a list of the essentials.... the need to knows....so here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the naked ass truth.

The Ick Factor.....AVOID... ! 
These are ingredients you really should be looking out for and avoiding when it comes to anything going on your body, especially your face. So read carefully so you are aware what and where they are. 

Parabens cause the biggest concerns when it comes to makeup. They are known to disrupt hormone function and still they are found in up to 90% of cosmetics. 
Parabens are preservative chemicals that mimic Estrogen, so they really do mess with your hormones. Parabens are linked to breast and skin cancer, as well as decreased sperm count. Be aware by looking at the label carefully and if you see Paraben including methylparaben, then leave that bad boy where you found him! THANK YOU NEXT! 

Petroleum Distillates 
Usually found in mascara, this nasty cheapo ingredient is often combined with cancer - causing chemicals. They are produced in the same oil refineries as auto fuel and heating oil.
This can cause irritation and itching - look after your peepers, you only have one set. Don’t risk it, check what’s in it. This ingredient can be found in other makeup products also so always check the label to be sure. 

Yes you read that right, LEAD! At least 61% of lipsticks contain lead. Just a little bit of lead exposure to skin and or ingested is harmful. Lead is also linked  to hormonal , behavioural and reproductive problems. Using something harmful everyday, is just not worth it for so be sure to check, for your health and safety. 

Other Nasties 
Retinyl Palmitate 
Retinyl Acetate
Retinoic Acid
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
DMD Hydantoin
Diazolidinyl urea 

The Good Stuff 
After reading all that you’re probably wondering if  there any good ingredients! Of course there is! We use only the good stuff! We are committed to developing a brand that is actually cruelty free, has no hidden toxins, just pure goodness. So after reading all that nastiness let’s dive into the good stuff. 

Titanium Dioxide 
Even though it sounds a little vicious, it’s actually one of the purest makeup products you can get. Found in our makeup sos eyeshadows Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that comes from oxide of titanium. The oxides are mined and pressed and purified for use in consumer makeup. 

Titanium Dioxide is also an important natural ingredient for sunscreen and protection, protecting the user from ultraviolet radiation, providing sunscreen properties to protect delicate facial skin from the suns damaging rays.
Titanium Dioxide allows the skin to breath and is a naturally light products, which can control acne and blemishes.  

Found in our sos eyeshadows and highlighter our micas are untreated and can be used as a talc substitute (read our blog on the scary facts of talc here) 
 Mica is colourless and is the most translucent of all the sericites. Mica with Lauroyl Lysine is derived from coconut palm oils. This can also be found in some nail polishes. 

Boron Nitride
Boron Nitride is a non-toxic, inorganic powder composed of boron and nitrogen. 
Boron Nitride is a natural, inert mineral and it is useful in concealers because of its soft silky feel. 

Other Goodies! 

Calcium Carbonate  
Colour Coding 
C177491 - Red
C177499 - Black 
C177492 - Yellow
C177891 - White 
Corn Powder 
Iron Oxide
Kaolin/White Clay 
We hope you have found this useful, there will be more features on this, if you would like us to email you this information please let us know. Keep it clean! Keep it  toxic free!
Then let’s makeup! 


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