AMA Laboratories

The owner and Executive Director of Ama Laboratories, Gabriel Letizia Junior, pled guilty to defrauding customers by reporting laboratory results for panellist testing that were not fully performed.

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No Makeup No Wife

An Algerian man has gone as far as suing his wife only one day after their marriage for not being 'pretty' enough without makeup. He claims that his wife 'tricked' him into thinking that she is beautiful. It’s so bizarre it’s almost funny.

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The Degree Deodrant

Adaptive design studio “Sour” and creative Wunderman Thomson have developed an accessible deodorant packaging for Unilever to make the product, easier to use for people with limited mobility or visual impairments.  This adapted design called “Degree” aka Sure, shield or Rexona in different regions. This is the “world’s first” in its design and we are well, shocked to even think that it is, because it’s such an essential item for everyone regardless of abilities.  Led by designer Christina Mallon who has limited arm mobility herself she says the following;  "As a disabled person, I've experienced first-hand the challenges of living in a world of conventional design where most products and services are not designed with the disabled community in mind," said...

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