2020s weirdest beauty looks!

As if 2020 wasn’t cray cray enough, beauty looks went cray too! Here’s a a few of the trends to make you LOL! 

Dyed Pits 

HMMMMM... personally I find armpit hair extremely uncomfortable so it has to GO! Thanks to Julia Roberts and the hottest little pocket rocket Miles Cyrus- Armpit hairs keeps on err,coming back! This time with a vengeance, it’s being dyed bright colours to make it stand out WHY?! We don’t know yet... I just wonder if it changes the smell, so purple smells like Parma Violets? Hmm not sure I’ll find out ! Here’s what it looks like! Raise a pit if you like it.

Pixel hair 

Step into the future with this new look a.k.a. pixel hair. This actually looks pretty decent, very futuristic but what happens if it glitches?! 😂



Heart Bangs 

This look is super, duper cute and less weird it even looks a lil edgy! This is a thumbs up! Maybe try it for Valentines Day?! 

Flower Beards 

Only in America. This could be a good wedding look? Okay maybe not as it just looks like he feasted on a hedge. The flowers are cute though. 

Tatted Eyebrows

Only in Swansea. We just don’t know why! Normal tatted brows look great but this is a step too far! Well I guess this is just an example of a take on a trend. 

After all that, I need a lie down. If you have any out the box trends you’re starting, give us a shout. We like out the box! 


Thanks for reading this blog and stay safe you hottie!