Animal hair makeup brushes

Imagine this - You have a beautiful head of hair all yours , grown and nurtured by you, yet someone comes along and rips your hair cruelly from your head to make a product that has nothing to do with you. Yet you suffer for it. You are kept in cramped conditions and wholly mistreated. You are in pain and money is made from your pain that benefits you in no way at all. It is the year 2021 and this is what  animals go through, for makeup brushes. 

Animal-hair makeup brushes simply cannot exist without animal cruelty. Each year, trappers kill more than one billion rabbits and 50 million other animals to use their pelts in consumer goods. A large percentage of animal fur and hair used in cosmetic products come from China, where there are few regulations on the humane treatment of animals.

Animals raised for fur often suffer in deplorable conditions and experience painful shearing from workers who get paid by fur volume. So we should all search for an alternative that will force this trend into decline. You have come to the right place. 

Sometimes we remain comfortable with what we think we know and it’s almost at easier not to  make a change. The market pushes items we think should be the norm and it’s hard to seek something else. So find out here exactly what you can do to help make a change and why. 

Synthetic brushes are as good to use which means diminishing  the cruelty to our furry friends. 
The key difference between animal fur makeup brushes and non- animal makeup brushes (vegan) is that the bristles are synthetic – meaning that they are artificially created rather than coming from an animal. Regular makeup brushes can use hair or fur from a variety of animals such as weasels, squirrels, minks, badgers, ponies or goats.

Vegan brushes on the other hand are normally made from Taklon or Nylon.
Watch out... Here comes the science bit: Taklon is a soft and delicate synthetic fibre derived from polyester which is pulled and tapered to an extremely fine point. Nylon is an extremely versatile fibre which is used to make a variety of items, but Nylon's robust and slightly firmer texture makes it ideal for makeup brushes.

Taklon is used when a softer texture is needed, this can be for a blush or powder brush. Nylon is used if a firmer texture is needed, this might be for a foundation or concealer brush. The great thing about synthetic fibres is that they can be blended together to get the benefit of both, a brush that is firm enough to pick up foundation but soft enough to also blend – science is cool!

The best thing you can do for animals is to invest in cruelty free makeup brushes. These are brushes that use synthetic bristles, from companies that have taken pledges never to test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients. The best synthetic makeup brushes use high-quality, manmade bristles of nylon or other synthetic fibers. These brushes apply makeup evenly, with the benefit of not having cuticles like animal hair bristles possess. Zero cuticles mean a smoother application, and no place for the brush to trap makeup and bacteria. Best of all, synthetic brushes use zero animal byproducts, and are therefore cruelty-free.

Benefits of using synthetic brushes:

  • They’re easier to clean.
  • They repel bacteria and dirt better than animal hair does.
  • Many people have allergies to animal hair.
  • They shed less, if at all.
  • They work with both cream and powder makeup products.

Cruelty free makeup brush companies: 


Kat Von D Beauty 

Luxie Beauty 

Wet n Wild Beauty 

Flower Beauty 

Too Faced



The Body Shop 

Urban Decay