Diversity & Beauty

Diversity and inclusion have become a focal point for many companies in recent months. Some have made positive changes and recognised they can do better to help diversify the face of their company. 
All too often the comments or suggestion that people of colour want far too much, for wanting to be included, seems to have reared its ugly head, alongside many other crass comments.

However, positive images of black men and women in beauty shouldn’t even be a talking point but the norm but hey here we are.

Growing up I always had an interest in makeup, especially glosses and foundation, I never really knew what to buy because adverts that feature anyone of colour were few and far between.Inspiration as I got older came from music girl groups such as destiny’s child, which was a huge hair and makeup copying phase for me, the video “bugaboo” springs to mind! Although I copied what I saw, the products I desired and the look I wanted were never readily available. 

Looking good ladies, Iconic! Lots of eyeliner and soft pink lipsticks were the fashion

Buying cosmetic products starts with seeing it modelled on someone with similar skin tones and features to yours, which helps you decide to buy the product. 
If you can’t visualise it, then you are less likely to buy it. So the changes being made in the beauty industry is imperative for black women and men. 

Fenty Beauty’s campaign in 2017 “Beauty for all” made us all sit up and start taking notes. Which sparked a level of change. Many brands don’t cater to various skin tones for women of colour, which makes it harder to purchase beauty products it just encourages us to buy products that are toxic and usually not bought from a reputable seller. 

Black models are a good starting point, however the struggle to buy a foundation should be a thing of the past. I don’t see why I can’t easily find a foundation that matches my skin tone because I am a black woman! Ludicrous to say the least. 
However over the years the changes are moving in the right direction and it’s possible to get a foundation skin match even if it needs to be hunted for! I am starting to see more Black models and beauty Influencers, which is refereshing  and inspirational. 

Brands making a positive diverse change 

Luxury brands like Dior have expanded their foundation colours , adding more realistic skin tones, for women of colour. 


Brands such as Estée Lauder and MAC are also a part of the positive changes. Not forgetting brands like Revolution Beauty, that have also always been very diverse. Brands like sleek are well established and have always veered toward a colour palate that is complimentary to women of colour. According to recent findings, from financial market insights firm  Refinitiv  L’Oreal and Natura & Co are paving the way for diversity in their workforce and products.

 More talks need to happen and positive changes. If you want to know more about  what is being said and want to discover more black beauty influencers, find out what they have to say on the subject with a riveting article in Elle.com.

 Here at Makeup sos we are committed to including all races, the models we use to market what we sell are important to us. We try and make sure we represent women of colour in a positive true light that also reflects the fun aspect of what we market.  We are glad to see a change in certain areas of beauty, there is certainly a lot more to be done, however it’s getting there and for that we are hopeful. 

Thank you for reading this blog, it meant a lot for me to be able to use my platform to write it.