Eco Dior

 We love anything that saves the environment, is kinder to animals and is an all rounder! So we were excited to learn, Dior has launched a refillable alternative for its masculine Sauvage fragrance, according to a report by Unreserved Media. 

The Ins & Outs 

The  suave refill bottle is created from recyclable aluminium which reportedly saves 35 percent in water consumption, 56 percent in greenhouse gas emissions and 60 percent in energy consumption. 

While the likes of Thierry Mugler and Louis Vuitton have launched refillable fragrance concepts some time ago, as green consumers increasingly seek eco-friendlier options for their perfumes, others are now engaging with the idea. 

 This month Armani Beauty also announced refillable flasks for its best-selling fragrance, My Way.

This is undoubtedly a great move by Dior, they have large sales all round and the 1,000 up to millions of purchases made from them means this will help the cause of saving the planet and reducing the carbon footprint.  We just hope it will be extended to more products and other brands. 

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