No Makeup No Wife

An Algerian man has taken life to a new weird level and has gone as far as suing his wife only one day after their marriage for not being 'pretty' enough without makeup. Is your jaw on the floor too? Thought so. 

He claims that his wife 'tricked' him into thinking that she is beautiful. The groom brought his wife to court and demanded that she pay a hefty $20,000 fine for not showing him her 'actual' features. He went on to tell the court that he was shocked after waking up next to his wife the following morning.  

He said she looked very beautiful and attractive before marriage, but when he woke up in the morning and found that she had washed the makeup off her face, he was left frightened. The groom told the court that he is demanding $20,000 in damages for his psychological suffering. 

Women tend to be their own biggest critics so this is well ridiculous - let’s hope she decided he wasn’t for her and has moved on. 


We have searched for an update to this but to no avail so soon as we know more, we will let you know! 😃 if you know then update us too, let us know your thoughts on this - comment on socials