Veganuary! So what is Vegan Makeup?

January is a great time to detox and to ensure you know what’s going, in and on your body.

While veganuary is a great month to improving your lifestyle and health, we encourage you to make sustainable changes, so they are applied throughout  the year. 

This month I wanted to look a little deeper into vegan makeup and what it really means, it sounds amazing but it companies are slippery with a lot of loopholes, so I wanted to share some information with you. 

When I started Makeup SOS,I knew a few things I wanted  to uphold, Vegan and Cruelty free.

I feel like we get tricked into thinking makeup and cosmetics in general are something they are not and it blows my mind. It’s kinda like the horse gate scandal where lots of people were made to believe they weren’t eating those amazing beautiful animals. When in actual fact they were. Even though the foods were pulled from our shelves at the time, why isn’t the same happening for us when it comes to makeup?

Choosing a vegan lifestyle wether it be food or cosmetics or both it just takes some awareness and knowledge and research so we thought here’s a platform, we will give the information to you! 

Cruelty-Free Vs. Vegan

For starters Vegan and cruelty free are not the same thing. Cruelty-Free just means that a product isn’t repeatedly tested on an innocent animal to see, if it will react well on a human (last time I checked I don’t  have fur, so how can a product I use on my face tell me If it’s safe 🤔!!!!!). Therefore a company can claim to be legally vegan without actually having to uphold being cruelty-free.

So what does Vegan Makeup Mean?

Vegan makeup means containining nothing of, or from that’s derived from an animal. So brands like Burts Bees can say they are cruelty free (not sure how much this is true given what worker bees actually do) but not vegan because the beeswax comes from err 🐝! 

Natural sources like Alo Vera, Shea butter, or Coconut Oil are amazing and can be used for various things (face masks, ailments and lip balms.) There are so many natural sources and plants that can be used instead of animals. All you have to do is be aware of what is available to you. 

I will be doing a blog again, on natural resources to help anyone unsure of what nature can provide as an alternative. Keep an eye out! 

Here’s a small list of NON VEGAN ingredients to lookout for: (I must admit I was seriously grossed out, by some of the things I came across in my research and I can’t believe I’ve had fish scales on my face in my lifetime but we live and we learn!😳😞) 

  • Honey 
  • Crushed insects (Carmine) 
  • Beeswax 
  • Fish scales (often found in shimmery makeup) 
  • Royal Jelly (Secreted by honeybee workers and fed to them by larvae) 
  • Collagen (Animal skin)
  • Gelatine (Animal protein)

Here’s some NATURAL VEGAN Ingredients ;

  • Oats - Amazing for face masks and can be used in the bath too 
  • Coconut Oil - kind to skin repairs and heals 
  • Vitamin E - An antioxidant that also provides protection against the weather. 
  • Soy - Great skin cleanser
  • Witch Hazel- often used medicinally for minor ailments 
  • Aloe Vera - Great for skin, moisturising and elevates blemishes 
  • Castor Oil- Great for skin and hair this is a true all rounder. 

We will  bring as much information as we can on this growing awareness. Stay informed and always read the label.

Thanks so much for reading this blog!