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Hello my SOS loves. I hope you’re all staying safe and well as boring as life may be, let’s try and use this time to regroup and practice good makeup for the day and the cluuubs and bars, when they open 😊

Usually, I tend to do Makeup SOS news on the beauty  industry in general but as I have been working super hard to try and improve Makeup SOS, I thought this should be the place to update you all. 

As you know, I started Makeup SOS with  items that played more to a teenage group and while it was fun using bright colours and bold font, it’s not where I wanted to be aesthetically. It was hard to design for an age group I am not in anymore (don’t ask), so I sat down and thought about my inspirations and what I love and aside from makeup, music is one of my dearest loves. It makes me happy, it motivates me and I always listen to music while doing my makeup and working out. Lyrics are powerful but so are music videos that accompany them. 
I truly miss the days of the box, calling in for your fave music video. The amazing outfits - oversized Tees and jeans, with a music video that told a story.

I listen to a lot of 90s RnB and 80s pop and synth. So I wanted to subtly incorporate it to my design work. Taking elements from the fashion at that time and the images they invoke. The smooth delight of 90s RnB dark tones coupled with sharp electric ⚡️ edges of the 80s synth wave is such an unusual marriage that it makes designing dreamy!

The latest Diamond vibe tint bottle is a good make up of the two eras - it’s  long top with the smooth dip dye of colour on the bottle. The square bottle is also my depiction of both eras with the smooth contrast of colour and angular edges. A perfect combo of 90s rnb and synth. The colour of the tint  itself is a smooth but rich. Which again is a mix of the two types of music. 

While honing in on my style I am still keeping to my word and like all my products the tints are  cruelty free and vegan.  I just hope you love them as much as I do.  

What’s to come? 

I am sticking with the ombré themed bottles, square and angular will play a big part in my new collections.

I want keep focus on long lasting tints that change with the seasons, deep to light tones. 
I also want to try and add a little smell to the tints too, because over the years I have bought some seriously bad smelling lipstick, or they just have no smell at all. Either way I will try and make it so they smell pleasant. 

I am going to stick with a deep bronze/ Purple and introduce even more soft tones. I also really want to try a soft but grown up rosey pink. So keep an eye out! 

I am also working on a palette and have figured out the best way to do this, while remaining bright and interesting with colour for everyone. 


I really want to try and stay away from using too much plastic, as I keep growing I want to maintain my societal responsibility, so having recycled packaging is important to me. I think our perception of recycled materials means unattractive, however I have searched high and low for the pretty packaging. Such as the eco warrior eyeshadow pots.

I want to make sure the pots, still looks high end. Since using the pots, I have learnt they definitely need a tamper poof lid to avoid the powder going everywhere, when opened after transit. This is also the case for the highlighter powder. So when you open it twist up and then carefully lift and expect to see the tamper proof top from now on, like below, which should stop the powder from spilling on to the outside of the pots 

In addition to the above I have also introduced new glass and Bpa fee plastic pots. They are great in size and can be carried anywhere. They come with their own tamper proof lid that can stay on while in use, just tap the powder out (like a salt shaker)  on to a makeup mixing tray or you can remove it (keep the perforated top closed to remove) and dip your brush directly in the powder. (Read our beauty tip blog on how to use loose powder.) 


I love pink it reminds me of one of my fave films, Mearn Girls. “on Wednesdays we wear Pink” 😂 brilliant film. Anyway I got a little too pink and too girly which isn’t really a reflection of me, I am a mix of tomboy and lady so I am loosing the pink envelopes and replacing with sleek black ones which go with my more mature look. 

You will also notice I have changed my business card! which is the front page of today’s blog. 

I hope you love it all and can see the hard work that I am making, to make you my forever customer. 


I am working really hard with BSQ which is a stage company in Nashville Tennessee, they put me onto their press team and I was interviewed by Squared Style, which you can read here. I loved seeing my words in print and it was just the best experience ever. The next interview will be an Instagram Live interview this month 

Keep an eye out for more.  Thanks for all the love and support. 

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