Why women are dunking their face in water AFTER applying their makeup

Water and makeup don’t mix right? Wrong!!!! According to a new Korean beauty trend that has taken the beauty world by the horns, some women are now submerging their fully made up faces in water after, yes after they have applied their makeup. The bizarre technique is intended to help keep your face in place all day.

So what does it mean? Well the word ‘jamsu’ loosely translates to submerge or douse. The process is intended to manage the oily residue with water, balancing out any excess oils and makeup, ultimately making makeup transfer proof and hopefully long lasting.

I think this trend seems pretty good and it works like a setting spray in some respects, however the concern would be that I would cause more harm then good and eventually end up with dry skin by repeatedly doing this. Especially for the fact that I wear makeup everyday.
Cold water doesn’t open your pores like hot water does and is good for the skin, however if you have already done your makeup this could be risky, I imagine any glitter would no longer be as glittery so it might mean you have to redo some areas, as I don’t believe it will totally leave you walking away looking flawless. Overall it seems like an okay thing to but I would suggest practicing it on a normal day rather than on a big night out (or in given the current situation!  ) 
To try it, all you need to do is apply your makeup as normal and dunk your face in cold water for 15-20 seconds! Send us your view customercare@makeupsos.com or comment below on what you think of this new face splashing trend.