Adding freckles to your face is an oldie but goodie beauty trend, that looks oh so cute! Get it wrong and it’s a disaster, that you could be left with for sometime, looking like a dot to dot exploded on your face 😂.

German beauty blogger Naomi Jon discovered this when she tried the trend with henna but looked rather err different! 

Please always remember to do a patch test in case you are allergic. 🤨🥴☹️ 

UH OH!!!!!!!

hmm, that’s not what I asked for ! 

This lady paid thousands to remove her tatted freckles! 

Henna is the preferred way of achieving this cute look check out some YouTube videos before you do it or like the amazing Ugly Charm’s video on how to get it right. 


Sometimes you’re best off just not messing with nature, just leave the good beauty stuff to the professionals!

Let us know if you have tried this trend and if it worked!