SOS Lip Scrub Kit
SOS Lip Scrub Kit
SOS Lip Scrub Kit

SOS Lip Scrub Kit

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The weather can take its toll on your pout. So take the time to create a smooth canvas with our cruelty free, lip scrub set. Deliciously sweet tropical flavours which are kind to your pout.

Contained in a cute  travel case- all scrubs come with a brush please message at checkout for a specific colour, if you want to mix flavours please select the correct button and message at checkout also. Otherwise picked at random 

Steps on how to use scrubbed

Step#1 Ensure your exfoliator brush and hands  are thoroughly clean before use

Step#2 Dampen the tip of your brush you can use water, olive oil or Castor oil

Step#3 Dab your brush, carefully into  the scrub

Step#4 Purse your lips together and carefully rub your scrub (Yup made us laugh too 😂) back and forth on to your lips

Step#5 Add a little more if necessary, continue until all dead skin has gone, then gloss up using our amazing gloss and off you glow! 😊

Repeat as often as needed. 

Kit includes X 2 scrubs lip scrubs and 1 lip scrub brush 

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coconut oil, castor oil sugar and flavourings all vegan